Welcome to Class Solutions Limited. We are a husband and wife team with over 15 years experience across a variety of roles in school. Our company has been created with the aim of being ‘a supply agency that cares’. As well as supplying staff in all roles to schools, we also aim to be a mentoring service to new teachers, offering a listening ear, a helping hand and years of knowledge to help you find the perfect job or give you experience in schools that match your qualities.

I’m one half of the team and my name is Michelle. I started out as a volunteer in my daughter’s school before securing the position of Teaching Assistant. I then completed my teacher training and began classroom teaching in Year 2. After a career changing course in the teaching of Maths, I then became subject lead for my school. This led to me becoming Deputy Headteacher, Primary Maths Specialist, English Lead and finally stepping up to the Head of School position. One of the most rewarding areas of my role has been supporting and mentoring trainee teachers and new teachers as they begin their careers and this is an area I want Class Solutions to be the market leader in. Whether it’s starting out completing that first application or interview, through to supporting the first day in the role, I will be there with oodles of resources, advice and inspiration to encourage you to take that first step on the ladder.

My name is Michael, the second half of the team, and I have previous experience working in school as a site manager. I understand how crucial the facilities roles are within school and how they work tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that school is operating like clockwork. They are a vital cog in the day-to-day life of a school and are difficult to replace when holidays or sickness arise. Supplying quality staff to these positions will be my aim to remove the worries for schools when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Our roles in school have led us to see what is important to schools when they look for a supply agency. Availability, a warm friendly voice, no sales pitches and a costing that is fair for all involved. We will communicate openly and honestly. We have an extensive knowledge of the local area and have built up good working relationships with schools. We will ensure that we use all our skills and expertise to provide the best solutions for all involved.

Class Solutions – your one stop school supply and support service.

We look forward to working with you.

Michelle & Michael Barron